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Hello everyone and welcome to Royston

Hello everyone and welcome to Royston’s very first Pregnancy Club meet.
Having a baby is a big life event, full of system and societal pressures, conflicting information, and
for some, it can be a very lonely place.
It can also be really difficult to talk openly about how you are feeling when you become a new
parent and we know, through our own work as antenatal, birth and postnatal professionals, that
there are many experiencing this.
And so, because of these, we’ve created a new community, a safe and social space, for you to not
only meet others, but also to find useful information and get the support you need.
Cecile and I hope that you will enjoy our all-inclusive, relaxed and informative meets, so that you can
be the most confident parent that you can be and to help you to bond with your babies too 😊
So, to begin our evening, we have a small quiz, followed by an insight into the hormone, Oxytocin.
We also have a questions box, for any of you who would like to submit a question (this can be
anonymously) for us to then answer a little later on. In the meantime, please enjoy the company,
snacks and activities.
We looking forward to helping you with any needs or questions you may have.