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School Bullying

CC1 Speech
School Bullying
Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
C- Allow me to begin my speech with this testimony. Anna confesses: "By dint of hearing that I was
worthless and that I was useless, I ended up believing it really and I almost died there, it is printed in my
mind like an evidence but yes, since they say it and nobody protests, then it's true, they're right. "
M- And you in Ana's place, would not you like someone to defend you?
A-School bullying is a serious problem that can happen anywhere, to anyone and at any time. It can take
many forms: verbal, social, and even physical. P- In short, it is the will of the aggressors to harm and to
cause pain.
I - We have one dream, and this dream is to live in a world where everyone would accept himself and
other people differences, everyone would accept others as they are. A world where tolerance to others
would not be quality but a normality. A world based on trust, where people will no longer hide behind a
mask. The increase in the use of social networks has also developed cyber-harassment, ie the
publication of photos or messages dishonorable or degrading, harassment by SMS, mails, etc.
The methods used by stalkers are numerous, but the relationship between victims and aggressors is
always the same: that of a dominant and a dominated. And if the attackers became the victims would
you think they would continue to destroy lives just for pure pleasure? I don’t think so.
II - School bullying is an insidious, often invisible, violence that can create real suffering for those Who
are victims. In US, 49% of children in grades 4-12 reported being bullied by others students at school at
least once during the past month, whereas 30,8% reported bullying others during this time.But the
figures are not an exactness and they are rare because of the lack of studies on the subject. This is
partly due to the fact that there is some shame in the Most of the victims of school bullying to talk
about it and secondly because when they Do it, they are often not taken seriously. If Ana had been your
sister, your cousin, your girlfriend or just a friend, would you you remained there to do nothing, leaving
it to be destroyed internally and to be reduced to nothing?
III - Protest ... that's exactly what we do, we do not want it to happen anymore. It's a bit utopian, said
like that, but nobody deserves to live like this. We can all prevent lives from being broken. It starts by
making others understand that harassing, mocking or insulting someone for no reason, it's not cool and
it will not make anyone stronger, on the contrary. all intervene when it happens before our eyes, do not
remain static, stay there at no To do nothing, because breaking the silence is what makes all the
difference. Must not let harassment become a banality. And you, would not you like to live in a world
where harassment is just a word among so many others?
CC1 Speech
III – (Next) In this world we could change hair colors every day, get implanted horns on the forehead,
getting tattooed or piercing every millimeter of his body. We could use food as clothes, like Lady Gaga
and her dress of meat. In this world people with shapes could afford to unveil them with a style that
they would not dare in our world today, in this world we could choose its orientation Sexual choice no
one wants to love without necessarily following the rules of nature. Respect would be the basis of
everything, and everyone would be open-minded.
Finally to finish in this world nothing would be strange, all would be the reflection of the personality of
each, everything would represent our individual madness but at least nothing would be commonplace
and at otherwise would be moose!
Have you ever dreamed of feeling accepted, and no one judging you?