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R. R. Weerasooriya
Importance of LCA in Green Technology
Life cycle assessment is a systematic set of procedures for compiling and examining the inputs and
outputs of materials and energy and the associated environmental impacts directly attributable to
the functioning of a product or service system throughout its life cycle.
Green technology is related to the application of green concepts whereas consists of resource
conservation, pollution reduction, waste minimization and sustainable principles. It is about reducing
impacts of development and individual processes on the environment.
According to the definition of life cycle assessment (LCA), it is evident that LCA and green technology
are having objectives that align together. LCA is an important tool that can be used as a green
technology in order to identify energy use patterns, energy waste, material waste and emission and
environmental impacts of production chain.
LCA can identify waste occurrence in a production chain. This is important for green technology as
waste minimization and resource conservation are key concepts in green technology. Using LCA
green technology can be practiced where waste is high and resources can be less utilized.
Identification of such occasions and chances are done with LCA.
LCA is important in benchmarking products for various emissions. For an example, carbon
footprinting requires same approach of LCA. It is very helpful to understand the benchmarking
process using LCA knowledge. In green technology it is considered as very important of
benchmarking products as it encourages use of low emission materials and lowering product and
process footprints. Most of the pollution occurs due to emissions that result by the production
processes. This information can be used to reduce or replace such processes and reduce ecological
burden caused by them.
LCA deals with the hidden or indirect inputs and outputs of energy, raw materials and waste
products. In green technology, it is important to identify indirect impacts of environment as much as
direct impacts in order to choose and apply best green practices.
These facts clearly show that LCA is one of the most important tools in green technology. It is a
current need of the world to use such kind of tools to enhance the productivity and efficiency of
modern industrial world while sustaining the environment in a beneficial way.
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