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Social Networks addictions Checked

Social Networks addictions
Currently, the platforms for socializing are part of our daily life and they have
improved the way that we are inform about things and how we communicate with
other people. But sometimes the frequently use of social networks can be
dangerous because we are able to be addicted. This dependence cause: sleep
deprivation, loss of the notion of time and constantly impulsive check of social
If you sleep less of 5 hours every day and do not want to sleep only for to be
connected, you might have sleep deprivation. This can be considerate on of the
most serious symptom because you feel the needy for to be connected to social
networks and not sleep well can be bad for your health. For example: depression,
fatigue and irritability in your mood.
When you rest the importance to activities that before were important for you and
increase the time on social network you are losing of the notion of time. Although
you try to disconnect of social networks you cannot do it. With this problem, people
lost the capacity for kwon how many hours has passed, also the performance in
your studies or work can be affected.
In case that you constantly check your social platforms in an impulsive way in
moments that you should be talking with your family, friends or with other people
you have an addiction problem. This symptom express anxiety for know if there is
notifications or replays in the post. Sometimes imaging that cellphone is vibrating
for that some people check their cellphones every minute.
In conclusion does not mean that you have to live without social networks but we
can prevent the addiction with some helpful practices in our daily routines for
example: do a schedule for when we can connect to social networks, deactivate
the notifications. If you do those things but not feel that is helping you, in that case
you have to look for a professional help. Only in that way you can avoid the social
network addition and live a healthy life.