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Peer Review Guidelines

Author: _______________________________ Reviewer: ___________________________________
English 102: Research Paper – Peer Review Day
1. Each student should have 3 printed copies of the partial paper draft when they arrive.
2. Please split up into groups of 3 and give each of your group members a copy of your
3. Please read and discuss each person’s paper individually.
4. On the actual paper, please make notes of places where wording/phrasing/grammar could
be fixed or is unclear.
In your discussions, you should talk about and be able to answer the following:
1. Is it clear from this draft what the author’s argument is?
2. Does the evidence presented convince you that the author’s argument is correct?
3. Are there holes in the author’s logic or pieces that don’t make sense?
4. Does the data presented lead you to questions that they have not answered?
5. After reading the draft, do you feel you understand what this person is talking about, or do
they need to clarify/define some ideas better?
1. Is the argument placed early enough in the paper that you understand why you are reading
the things you are reading?
2. When the argument is stated, do you feel that it is “earned?” (In other words, is there
enough background information/context before the argument statement so that you fully
understand what the argument is trying to say by the time you get there?)
3. Is the paper structured in a way that makes sense, or does it feel like it’s kind of all over
the place?
4. Can you see that the ideas are organized in some way? Do the ideas flow from one to the
a. Please discuss with author how you think their structure looks and/or how you
think they could structure it differently.
1. Is the grammar/punctuation/wording clear and precise, or are there sentences/paragraphs
that don’t make sense? Please mark.
2. If there are citations present at this point, are they formatted correctly?
3. Are there transitions between ideas? If not, could you suggest ways to transition more
smoothly from one idea to the next using examples from the paper.
Author: _______________________________ Reviewer: ___________________________________
In my own words, here is what I believe the author is trying to say/argue in their paper:
After reading the draft, here is what sticks out most
in my head (could be a piece of evidence, a
particular point, or a more broad idea):
After reading the draft, here is what I am still
wondering about and/or am confused about:
Things I thought the author did well:
Suggestions for improvement:
Any other comments (places they might look for sources/evidence, further questions you would want them
to answer, etc.):