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School uniform for students Yay or Nay Essay

Students wearing school uniforms? Over the years there have been countless debates
on whether schools should mandate their students to wear uniforms. Some students and parents
are okay with school uniforms, while some students and parents are not. Uniforms were first
established in the sixteenth century mainly at the charitable trust schools for children from poor
families. It was until in the nineteenth century when the idea sailed through other public schools
(Brunsma, 1998). In the Phillippines, some private schools require their students to wear school
uniforms, while the general policy is that the wearing of a school uniform is not required in
public schools (as embodied in DepEd Order No. 45 s. 2008). With the Department Order into
the act, the question is, what roles does the school uniform play for students?
First, it helps the school impose discipline and unity for its students. One of the main
goal of schools is to instill discipline to its students, school uniforms are used as ways of
teaching students discipline and responsibilities. It is a constant reminder to the students of
where they are, making them pause and think of the consequences most of the time before
impulsive actions. School uniforms promote school spirit. A spirit of unity is inspired. You can
witness the spirit when the students are participating in school activities, during school
gatherings and events. It can ignite a sense of school pride in all of its students. Second, the
school uniform will act as the student's protective shield. If there wasn't a school policy on
uniforms, random strangers can just walk into the school and no one can be able to tell the
difference. Those who want to harm a student will not want to sign in his/her name in the record
book when they enter the school. With students wearing their school uniforms, school
personnel such as administrators, faculty members, and security guards can easily distinguish
them from someone else. It can also help prevent students from concealing weapons and
prohibited items beneath baggy clothing. Thus, decreasing the risk of violence inside the school
premises. Lastly, it gives students a sense of equality and individuality. One primary reason as
to why schools mandate on the use of school uniforms is to create a sense of equality for the
students in the learning institutions. Not all students are privileged and born into wealthy
families. By wearing school uniforms, social status for more unfortunate students will no longer
be an issue. Thus, bullying and discrimination between students can be lessened. School
uniforms can also improve students’ individuality because they will be able to express
themselves through their personality and attitude, rather than through the brand name of their
clothing or their pair of shoes.
Students should be encouraged to wear their school uniforms because as mentioned
above, school uniforms can be used as ways of teaching students discipline and responsibilities,
ignite a sense of school pride, decrease the risk of violence, and give a sense of equality and
individuality. Thus, it can be concluded that school uniforms play significant roles in the lives
of students, and it can be said that it is important as any other uniform worn in the office or
other official functions.