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5 saving money tools for students

5 saving money tools for students
College is a beautiful period in your life when you are independent, you do what you want and feel that
the world is at your fingertips. But one of the drawbacks would be the lack of money and the constant
sense of being broke. Some students choose part-time jobs such as bartending, hospitality staff,
babysitting, freelance writing and much more. But having a job, going to classes and having a social life
is very difficult to handle.
Thankfully, technology comes to students' help with some awesome money saving tools which will help
them establish a budget, track spending and stick to the plan. Let's see which are the most popular
saving apps and what they offer.
Mint will help you establish a budget for the entire year. It takes both your personal income and
expenses into account, and it allows you to break down the monthly spending easily. The app integrates
with all your accounts and lets you understand the bills you have to pay so that you will always feel in
One of the biggest expenses for a student is the textbooks, but with eReaders and tablet devices you will
not have to spend a fortune on them anymore. Chegg shows you where you can buy or rent books for a
fraction of the usual textbook prices; even 90% in some cases! The best thing is that when you no longer
need a book, you can sell it back using Chegg.
Ebates is an online couponing tool which can help students save a lot of money in the long run. You can
shop at any retailer and then a percentage of your transaction will be kicked back when you checkout.
The percentage is usually between 3-5%.
If you can save money on your shopping and textbooks, why not also save on communications. You can
use WhatsApp to keep in touch with your colleagues, friends, and family without having to pay SMS
fees. It does not matter where they are. You can send them images, audio messages, and videos.
Venom is a great tool to send and receive money through mobile payments. If you want to pay 50-50
with a friend, you do not have to bother the bartender or waiter anymore. Just use Venmo to send
money to your friend without any significant fees.
ATM Hunter
This app is great especially when you are in a city that you do not know so well. It's no fun wasting time
looking for a cash machine because you went to a bar or restaurant that only takes cash or their card
machine has just broken down. So instead of finding an ATM that charges you more than you would pay
for your drinks, simply use ATM Hunter to find the nearest cashpoint in your area. The app also lets you
know which ones charge and which don’t.
These are only five of the money saving apps that could make your life easier and your college years
more pleasant. So why be broke when you can use these apps and save money?