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Ielts Writing task1 band 7.0

The graph and table illustrate the standard temperatures by month and the regular
amount of annual hours of sunlight, in three main cities: New York, London, and Sydney.
Overall, the temperatures of London and New York were very similar, mainly because
both fluctuated considerably throughout the year. While Sidney remained relatively
stable. Regarding sunshine hours, there was some significant variance, especially in
London City that was outnumbered by the other two cities for more than doubled.
With regards to the highest average temperatures by city, New York surpasses well over
the other two capitals with a dramatic increase of 30 degrees in July. Follow by Sidney,
which reached its peak of 25 degrees along 4 non-consecutive months and lastly, London
with less than 24 degrees as its maximum temperature. Not to mention, that these agreed
with the number of total sunshine time per year in the three cities; positioning the capital
of England at the bottom with 1180 hours and the other two on an upper level with 2,473
and 2535 each.
The lowest temperatures belong to NY and London, with 4 and 8 degrees in the midJanuary, respectively. Meanwhile, Sidney showed a marked decline from 25 to 20 degrees
from January to July, with this last one, as their lower-ranked temperature.