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Notes for Yuyangxing Controller

Notes for Yuyangxing Controller
Pls. Note:
1. If Yuyangxing controller didn’t include bluetooth adapter, the
parameters of controller cannot program. Because there is no software
for computer type.
2. Pls. download the bluetooth app from your phone App store directly.
Search “yuyangxing”, then you will find this one , download it and
operated according to “ Bluetooth APP Manual”
3. Yuyangxing bluetooth APP is more stable in iOS system(for apple
cellphone. Android system may will a little unstable, in that case, you
can quit it and try again, or change to using an apple cellphone.
If more questions, pls. contact with us/sales freely.
Direct Line(call us): + 86 0576 8855 1619
Attn: Cherry Zhou / Vito Ho / Cyan Zhang / Damon Wang
Version 1.0 / February 2016