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Biomass Questions

Why is biomass considered a renewable source?
2. List at least four different types of biomass energy sources.
3. Biomass includes all waste materials, even those that are not necessarily organic. True or False?
4. (following question 2) Select one type of biomass source and explain how electrical energy is
produced from them.
5. What is the most common type of biomass that is converted into energy?
6. What is the first step of the biomass conversion into energy?
7. Is biomass energy a good source for underdeveloped places?
8. What is the name of the gas that is released when biomass roots in a waste tank?
9. Are the environmental factors of biomass energy more beneficial than disadvantageous? To what
extent? Explain.
10. What are the possible ways to minimize the disadvantages mentioned?
Biomass is considered a renewable source because it comes from biological materials, and it can be
replenished in a relatively short time.
2. (at least four from this list) Wood, wood processing wastes, agricultural crops, waste materials, food
waste, yard waste, animal manure, and human sewage.
3. False, because biomass only includes waste materials that are organic.
4. Ex: Wood: Burned to heat buildings, burned to produce process heat in industry, or burned to
generate electricity.
5. Wood/wood wastes.
6. The first step would be to collect biological materials, taking them to the machines that would
continue the process of energy conversion.
7. Due to its availability, it could be considered that biomass is a beneficial energy source for
underdeveloped places, as it can be installed almost anywhere, and it is simple to collect biomass
materials in order to convert them into energy.
8. Methane gas.
9. Ex: The environmental factors of biomass are beneficial to an extent, as they are renewable,
therefore leading to waste reduction. Even though they do cause a reduced dependency on fossil
fuels, and leading to a cleaner environment, gases like methane are still released and can cause
environmental damage to a certain point. The changes of the season through the year do affect the
biomass production in order to convert it to energy. To collect biomass energy sources,
deforestation can occur, as well as the need for water for the production of plants, but a clear
benefit, outweighing those disadvantages would be that the energy source is carbon neutral.
10. (answers may vary) Ex: Space consuming: it can be done in places that have bad soil or that are
abandoned. Methane: there are other ways to produce energy that comes from biomass. Water
demanding: animals already consume water naturally so the animal manure can be the main source
of energy.