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The Great Gatsby Gallery Research

The Great Gatsby Research Paper and Gallery Display Project
The purpose of the research is for you to put together necessary and important
information that will add to the reading and understanding of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The
Great Gatsby.
For this project, you will work with no more than two other person (so that means
GROUPS OF THREE MAX however they must be in the same period class!), though
you may also work alone. You will be researching your topics using books, databases and
the internet. You will then prepare a gallery display that will be set up in the classroom
for your classmates to tour (on Monday, Jan 27th. ) During the touring, all students will
be answering questions at each gallery stop.
For the assessment of this research, you must include:
 Visual Aid/Display (assessment): A visual aid that displays your research in a
dynamic, neat, and interesting way. (Note: You may want to consider a tri-fold
display board or large poster board – first impressions go a long way!)
o An interesting title
o Your topic must be clearly displayed
o Use neat visual representations to help draw attention and interest
o A brief summary (4+ sentences) overview of your topic
o At least 5 key points of interest as well as supplemental information
(this means TEXT written by you . . with citations!)
o A brief summary of (4+ sentences) predictions of how your topic may
relate to The Great Gatsby
o The written portions should NOT be copy-pasted from a website; put
the information into your own words! Otherwise, it’s plagiarism….
Refer to the final paper rubric for guidelines! You will use the
information from your paper in your presentation. Yes, you are
completing a PAPER of 2-3 pages AND the DISPLAY!
 Participation: All members must be actively working and participating,
collaborating at each stage of the research and presentation. I will be asking
for updates on your progress.
 Works Cited: Include a properly formatted bibliography (we will go over
this). On this typed page (which must be displayed somewhere on or near your
visual aid), include group members’ names, the research topic, as well a minimum
of 3 different references/sources.
 Questions: You must have displayed somewhere on or near your visual aid 5
questions pertaining to the displayed research. All students will be looking to
fill these out, so you must have it clearly displayed and the answers must be
somewhere in the information on your display. You will turn in a sheet with your
questions and answers to me.
The Great Gatsby and the Roaring ‘20s Research Topics
The Roaring ‘20s, a definition and the economic social impacts
F. Scott Fitzgerald (biography, what else he wrote, etc.)
Sacco and Vanzetti
Fashion of the 1920s, especially Flappers
Bootlegging and the rise of organized crime
Sports, especially the 1919 World Series
Automobiles (types and who had them)
Prohibition and Temperance
Charles Lindbergh and Aviation
Famous People (actors, politicians, sports figures)
Art and literature (famous works, artists, authors)
Music, Entertainment, Pop Culture, and Fads
New Technology of the 1920s
Women’s Rights, especially Women’s Suffrage
Post-WWI Expatriates (who and where they were and any
famous ones)
The KKK—the resurgence
The Harlem Renaissance (what it was, where was it, and who
was involved)