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Science Safety Scenarios
Directions: Below are a set of scenarios you may encounter during a science laboratory. For each
scenario indicate what you would do if it really did happen in class.
Scenario 1:
You are working in your lab group and
another lab group member is mistakenly not
following the correct lab procedure. What do
you do?
Scenario 2:
It is the end of class and you have finished
your lab.
Scenario 3:
You read and reviewed the procedure in the
beginning of class, but aren’t sure whether to
add the hydrogen peroxide or the manganese
dioxide first in your test tube.
Scenario 4:
You record data by leaning on the lab counter
during a Bunsen burner lab.
Scenario 5:
You spill a chemical on your skin during a
Scenario 6:
A fire breaks out during your class at the lab
station next to you.