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Types of arts

There are many types of arts-integrated activities. Some examples are project- or problem-based,
or thematic projects that require group effort and incorporate content across the curriculum. For
instance, in designing and publishing a booklet that advertises travel to a selected planet, students
have to learn about the planets (science), travel advertising (economics, technology), persuasive
writing (language arts), and combine all of those into an aesthetically pleasing print product that
"sells" the planet of their choice.
Integrating the Arts with Other Subjects works because students are able to use different
strategies and learning styles to explore a variety of subject areas. Students who struggle in
science, for example, might enjoy the content more if it is presented in the context of an art
activity, ultimately increasing their desire to learn. Giving students opportunities to dance, act,
draw, paint, or play music draws on their strengths and broadens their learning experience across
the curriculum.