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forgiveness and reconciliation

• To know religious beliefs on
forgiveness and reconciliation.
• To be able to decide how far you
would forgive!
• To know Christians and beliefs on forgiveness and reconciliation.
• To be able to decide how far you would forgive!
What things could you not forgive? Discuss with your partner
and feed back.
I could forgive this because … describe the act and your
I couldn’t forgive this because ……………describe the act and
your opinion
Could you do this???
Are some actions unforgiveable?
Do you think everyone deserves to be forgiven?
Women who stole baby from
maternity ward 26 years ago
Teenage girl charged with
murdering Katie Rough, 7, in York
appears in court
I’m not sorry!
What is your
initial thinking?
Aim – To answer the question - “Religious people should always forgive”.
Key words:
Forgiveness – stopping blaming someone and/or pardoning
them for what they have done wrong.
Reconciliation – bringing people together who were opposed to
each other.
Retribution - punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance
for a wrong or criminal actions
“Religious people should always forgive”.
Both these families are Christian – How can you explain the different reactions?
Gee Walker
Sally Dowler
In 2005 Anthony Walker was
murdered while he waited for the
bus in a racially motivated attack.
Following the attack, his family
publically forgave his murderers.
His mother Gee stated:
"I have to forgive them. I can't
feel anger and hatred, because
that is what killed my son"
In 2002 Milly Dowler was
abducted and murdered by Levi
Bellfield, a man who would
eventually be found to be a serial
killer. After a difficult trial, he was
found guilty in 2011.
After the trial, her mum stated
“I hope whilst he is in prison he
is treated with the same
brutality he dealt out to his
victims and that his life is a
living hell”
TASK On the sheet in front of you decide which of the bible quotes Gee
Walker is following and which Sally Dowler is placing her belief’s in ?
people should always forgive”.
“Father forgive
them, for they
know not what they
are doing” Luke
23:34 – Jesus on the
"Let you who is without
sin cast the first stone"
John 8:7
Forgive your
brother seventy
times seven”
"Forgive us this day our
sins, as we forgive the
sins of others" Lord's
"Vengeance is
mine, I will repay,
says the Lord.
“But I tell you: Love
your enemies and
pray for those who
persecute you.”
Matthew 5:44
“Show no pity: life for life, eye for eye,
tooth for tooth” Deuteronomy 19:21 –
Task – Look at todays lesson statement – what have you learned about it
from doing the task?
Religious people should always forgive”.
The bible and the teachings of Christianity support the idea that Christians
__________ forgive, however………………………
The bible is full of quotes stating that Christians __________forgive. For
example, ………….. Which seems to imply……
However, the bible also states ……………. meaning…………..
Have we done enough to satisfy today’s statement?
Religious people should always forgive”.
“Don’t feel envy
against the other”
As part of Hajj
in Mecca –
Muslims pray
for forgiveness
“If a person forgives
....his reward will be
from God”
“A kind word with
forgiveness is better
than charity followed
by injury”
Task- use key words to
explain what the quotes
and images mean
Religious people should always forgive”.
Jews believe that they should be forgiving and try to bring about reconciliation
• In the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Jews are expected to
seek out anyone they have wronged and ask for forgiveness, so ending the
conflict and becoming reconciled. They do this because on Yom Kippur they ask
for forgiveness from God for the wrong things they have done in the last year.
• Judaism teaches that God forgives those who turn to him in true repentance and
a sign of this is to seek forgiveness is to seek forgiveness for your own sins and
to forgive others.
• The Tenakh encourages people to forgive those who wrong them and try to bring
about reconciliation – Jewish people should follow the teaching of the Tenakh.
• Rabbi’s encourage Jewish people to forgive those who wrong them.
• The Prayer Book teachers that Jewish people should always try to forgive.
They are not expected to forgive those who do not ask for forgiveness or enemies of