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Ship Trap Island Survival Guide

So You’re Going to Shiptrap Island...
Someone you know is planning a journey to Ship Trap Island. It is your job to create a survival
guide to the island, so they can make it out alive. Use details from the story to create a useful
survival guide. Think about the places Rainsford travels to while on the island and the dangers
he encounters.
Your answers must be in complete sentences. Each answer should be 2-4 sentences
long with evidence from the text.
They’ll need to pack! What are 5 things they should be sure to bring with them to the
When your friend is on the boat, what details will give them hints about what the
island is like?
Is there anything about getting to the island they should look out for? Will their ship
be able to stop safely?
If they get to the island and meet General Zaroff, what kind of mood should they
expect at dinner with him?
When the General tells them what he likes to do on the island, is there any advice
you would give them on how to react?
What if General Zaroff asks them to play a game? Should they play or take their
chances with Ivan?
If they play the game, what are the features of the island they should be careful of?
As the game progresses, what are 3 things they should know about General Zaroff to
help them survive?
What is their best option for ending the game alive?
If they manage to survive, how should they deal with Zaroff?
What is one thing your friend should do before they leave Ship Trap Island?