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Nancy Hernandez
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Bible Journal
Day 1: Genesis 1-3
God created everything, God is absolutely amazing and will never cease to amaze me. Our God
is an awesome God and I love that God created us in his image, we know that we’re beautiful
because we are created in his image.
Day 2: Genesis 4-6
This greatly showed me how disobedience can really take a toll on your life and generations
after you. It has taught me to be faithful to God, as he is faithful to me.
Day 3: Genesis 7-9
This showed me that when you obey God, he will take care of you and he will bless you and
your family. God is just so amazing and he will always give you what he promises you.
Day 4: Genesis 11-13
When Abram didn’t tell the pharaoh that Sarai was his wife, he could have killed them, but he
let them go. When Lot turned against them, it showed what happens when you turn away from
Day 5: Genesis 14-17
While reading this, it spoke out to me and showed me that when God promises you something,
he will do it.
Day 6: Genesis 50:1-26
Joseph’s father was embalmed and when Joseph died, he was embalmed too.
Day 7: Exodus 1-3
When Moses was born, Pharoh tried to have them all killed, he was chosen. They tried to kill all
the newborn children, but he was not killed.
Day 8: Exodus 4-6:12
The birth of a nation, when a nation was birthed.
Day 9: Exodus 11:1-10, 12:31-42, 13:20, 14:31
God works in such mysterious ways, it’s amazing how god did all of this and how he planned
exactly what was going to happen.
Day 10: Exodus 19:20
The Lord called Moses to the top of mount Sinai to show him what he was going to do and give
him the commandments.
Day 11: Deuteronomy 6,28
God was allowing them to go the promise land. God said if you obey him and follow his
commandments, he will set you up high.
Day 12: Joshua 1-3
Since they ran away from the promise land, they were banned until the generation that was
promised it died, after they all died, they were allowed back in the promise land.
Day 13: Joshua 4-7
God commanded that they take 12 men, one from each tribe.
Day 14: Judges 1-2
Judah and hid brother Simeon were sent to fight the Canaanites and the Perizzites.
Day 15: Judges 13-16
The birth of Samson, the Lord told his mother to not let a razor touch his head, for his hair is his
Day 16: Judges 19-21
Israel asked for a king or a different kind of leadership.
Day 17:Ruth 1-4
When you’re faithful to God, and your family. You will be greatly rewarded.
Day 18: 1 Samuel 8-10
Saul was anointed King. He is the first king of Israel.
Day 19:1 Samuel 17-19
Although the situation was really hard, God was there and they knew he was never going to
leave them alone.
Day 20: 2 Samuel 7,11-12
When you are tired, the lord gives you rest.
Day 21: 1 Kings II
The lord provides for you what you truthfully need.
Day 22: 2 Kings 25
They mentioned Bronze a lot, bronze was luxury and they used a lot of it.
Day 23: Psalms 1,8,9
WE are blessed when we don’t walk with evil, evil communications corrupt good manners.
Day 24: Psalms 19,22,23,74
This whole heartedly touched me, God is so good!
Day 25: Proverbs 1, 10-11
When God calls upon you, you have to answer, you have to be able to follow him.
Day 26: Isaiah 1-2
God knows me, he knows my thoughts before I even think them. God never lets me down.
Day 27: Isaiah 52-53:12
This in a way felt like a song, the way it was written. It is truly amazing how poetic God’s word
Day 28: Jeremiah 3-4, 31
God says to come back to him, he will welcome us with open arms and he will never leave us.
Day 29: Ezekial 8-10, 34
I can’t express how good my God is, we get into trouble and he always forgives us.
Day 30: Daniel 1-3
God chose who he wanted, he chooses us for things where we don’t even feel like we’re good
enough. He always knows best.
Day 31: Nehemiah 1-6:3
I will let me ear be attentive. My eyes are a window.
Day 32:Hagga 1-2
They were given the command to build God’s house and they listened, When God commands
you to do something, you do it and obey.
Day 33: Malachi 3-4
God told them he sent his messenger, they awaited him.
Day 34: Matthew 1-4
I love how this book explains the genealogy of Jesus Christ. This is where it starts.
Day 35: Matthew 5-7
He taught his disciples, he teaches us when it is our time. He never lets us down.
Day 36: Matthew 19-21
You are a good God, you are never going to let me down, and I thank you for loving me despite
me being the way I am sometimes.
Day 37: Matthew 22-24
God does a lot, he does what he knows we need. God amazes me with his wonders and I never
want to lose my wonder.
Day 38: Matthew 25-28
When we seek God, he is there to reach out. Reading this has taught me that God is there for
Day 39: Mark 1-3
Even when I mess up, he forgives me, he is the most amazing God.
Day 40: Mark 4-7
An amazing teacher he was, so grateful that he was a teacher and that is how we know him
know because of his teachings.
Day 41: Mark 8-10,16
He said he has compassion and I feel like that is exactly how we should be. We must have
compassion for everyone.
Day 42: Luke 1-3
This taught me about having faith in the Lord, even when you feel like he is not there, he is.
Day 43: Luke 4-7
Jesus was tempted and still beat temptation, we are tempted every day, we can fight
temptation too.
Day 44: Luke 9-11
He gave his disciples authority, he gives us authority too.
Day 45: Luke 12-15
Jesus preached and people followed him to hear. They were fishers of men. He taught and told
about God and his love.
Day 46: Luke 16-19
Jesus taught in parables, that is how he taught how and why God loves us.
Day 47: Luke 20-24
Jesus taught more parables, he showed people of his father’s love and talked about John.
Day 48: John 1-4
God’s word is true, his word is life, and God is love. We serve a good God.
Day 49: John 5-8
Jesus was judged by people who didn’t believe, people who had yet to experience God. Jesus
talked with scriptures, those are very powerful. He knew people were going to be hard to talk
to, but he did not give up on us.
Day 50: John 9-12
We are his sheep and he is our shepherd. He will protect us from harm and protect us from bad
people with bad hearts.
Day 51: John 13-16
Jesus speaks a lot, he teaches, he is kind, and the best teacher.
Day 52: John 17-19
He speaks to hiss father, he knows his purpose on earth, he knows what is going to happen and
he still never stops doing his purpose here.
Day 53: John 20-21
When he told Thomas to reach for his hand and to never stop believing, that made me realize, I
can’t stop believing in God. I have to reach out to the hand that is reaching out to me.
Day 54: Acts 1-3
Jesus knew what his destiny was, he loved us so much that he died to forgive our sins. If I was in
his place, I don’t know how I would react to that. How scary it would be to know that I was
going to die a painful death.
Day 55: Acts 4-7
The people were going a little crazy, they fought and didn’t want to listen to the teachings that
were told. People always disobey.
Day 56: Acts 8-12
He spoke, they listened, they told the story. God works in such mysterious ways sometimes.
Day 57: Acts 13-16
The God of Israel is true, he is real and he sent his only son here on earth. People need to listen
and remember that he is real and he loves us.
Day 58: Acts 17-21
This shows that God works in unusual ways and that he uses anything to help you. God is
Day 59: Acts 21-24
They were ready to perform miracles, God gives you the authority to do so when you are filled
with the holy spirit.
Day 60: Acts 25-28
The escape was epic, the things they had to endure showed that God never leaves our side and
that he will always protect his children.
Day 61: Romans 1,3-6
Our sins have been forgiven! Praise God for he is a loving God.
Day 62: Romans 8,12
We have to love our brothers, despite our differences, our God is a God of love and we have to
love like he loves us.
Day 63: 1 Corinthians 12-15
He gives us gifts,the gift of life, health, happiness, and forgiveness. We should thank him every
day for these gifts.
Day 64: 2 Corinthians 3-5
WE should put our trust in God, for he is a good God who never fails us, he is a loving and
forgiving God.
Day 65: 1 Thessalonians 4-5
There are seasons, new seasons and everytime there is a new season, there is a new you whom
God loves.
Day 66: 2 Thessalonians 2
The Gospel is to be spread, not kept. His goodness is too wonderful not to share. We must
always spread the gospel so people know of his wonders.
Day 67: Galatians 5-6
Rejoyce! For we have a good God! He teaches us to be good and to always trust in him.
Day 68: Ephesians 1-6
We are to obey, we were made to worship and follow him. WE were made to be leaders and to
show and teach about God and his forgiveness and the sacrifice that saved us all.
Day 69: Philippians 2-3
Whatever we do, we do with a servant heart. WE should not complain, but listen and obey.
Day 70: 1 Timothy 3, 2 Timothy 4, Philemon
God’s word is true, we must announce that he is coming soon!
Day 71: Hebrews 8-12
Many things that were prophesized are happening, many things that were spoken of. Many
things such as today are completing the prophecy.
Day 72: James 1-3
We are blessed when we obey in the Lord our God. He is a good father. I want to love and be
good just like him.
Day 73: 1 Peter 1-2, Judge
He is our hope, he is our savior, he is our redeemer, and he is wonderful without a doubt. God
is truly amazing and he is great.
Day 74: Revelation 1-4
Nothing compares to the promise, things are happening that we as humans can’t imagine.
Things that we didn’t think were possible are happening.
Day 75: Revelation 5-8
He speaks of the truth and I am thankful to have God in my life. Things are going to happen, he
is coming soon.
Day 76: Revelation 9-12
We are going to see things that we never would’ve guessed. He is coming soon! We must
repent and give into his love.
Day 77: Revelation 13-16
We must teach and preach and spread the goof news that it is not too late to accept him in our
lives! We don’t want to be left behind.
Day 78: Revelation 17-22
Our God, the good father. He is to return for us, are we ready? We must show and spread his
word. He intends to come back for his people. Things, scary things are going to happen. Are we