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Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter
Since the beginning of the 19th century, the radical advancement in STEM areas has greatly improved
human capacity to unveil the mysteries of universe, revolutionizing the socioeconomic landscape of the
world. Social scientists since then have attempted to understand social change as a consequence of the
modernization at the micro- and macro-levels. Social scientists have sought to understand that nature of
social order that was destroyed, dismantled, maintained, and formed during this turmoil of change.
Nothing fascinates me more than understanding the driving factors that make society flourish. From trying
to understand the beliefs and ideologies that shape society, to the personal experiences and behavior that
develop our individual characters, the social sciences and humanities hold the key to a wealth of
knowledge and learning. Being born as an ethnic Pushtoon at the North Pakistan in the midst of early
1990’s Afghan war, I have closely observed a substantial number of issues of Human rights,
Multiculturalism, Migration terrorism and organized crime have gained an unprecedented profile,
provoked significant social concern, and dominated both law-and order and many wider social policy
agendas. I was first drawn towards the social sciences and humanities at college level which subsequently
lead me to choose social sciences and humanities as my undergraduate major. The undergraduate
curriculum in Social sciences at Kohat university introduced me to a wide gamut of subjects covering the
broad aspects of Social sciences along with some special subjects particularly in the area of National and
International Organization, Anthropology, Human Rights, Governance & Social policy, Criminology, Social
Gerontology and Project Planning & Management Etc. Throughout honours degree, I have engaged myself
in activities that aim to better understand the underlying theories and applied perspective of social work
supplemented with internships on multiple topics of current social development concern and I have near
about 5 years of experience in the areas of Research, Education, Human rights ,Program Management
(Evaluation & Monitoring of INGO/NGO Projects) Health, Hygiene promotion, Coordination, Planning
and Documentation). I did my undergraduate final project on “Public perception about counter terrorism
strategies of law enforcing agencies.” Terrorism has recently emerged as global phenomena, therefore
developing counter strategies, educating public and enhancing interaction between public and law
enforcement agencies can be a helpful in eradicating this issue at gross root level in highly diversified
countries like Pakistan.
Project Management Office traineeship Program will enable me to develop the skills, needed to understand
latest trends of Secretariat of the European Parliament. I am attracted by the vast research themes in the
traineeship that can be a major resource in eve loping sophisticated problem solving skills in this rapidly
evolving field. I wish to follow it up to pursue a career in Project Management Office operations and
experience the excitement satisfaction of being at the forefront of this extremely important matter.
An extremely distinguished traineeship programme, a milieu replete and practical activities, which blends
high quality training program at the cutting edge of every sub-field are the factors which have motivated
me to choose the proposed traineeship program It would, therefore, be a privilege to be able to secure
place/position in Project Management Office traineeship European Parliament. I am confident that I will
match the high standards set by Project Management Office traineeship consortium.