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Frontline North Korea Doc Questions

Name: ________________________
Hour: _______
Frontline North Korea Documentary
Using in the following link http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/secret-state-of-north-korea/
watch the documentary and answer the questions. There will be a quiz over the documentary.
In North Korea up to ______________________ of the population doesn’t have enough food to eat
In the capital city of __________________________ there is an _________________ who live there.
Why aren’t items for sale in Pyongyang department store?
What is an emotional dictatorship?
What is the propaganda like in North Korea?
What do North Koreans believe about Americans?
What are villages required to do once a week?
What is guilt by association? How many generations are punished?
Since Kim Jung-Un came to power what has grown?
10. Who is North Korea’s closest ally?
11. What are political prisons like in North Korea?
12. It is thought that half of the North Korean defectors had done what?
13. Kim Jung-Un now has his police go house to house searching for what?
14. How much will $1.00 US Dollar buy in North Korea?
15. Last Spring North Korea became the first country since the Cold War to do what?
16. Why were private businesses outlawed?
17. What is starting to form for the first time in the government?
18. The only way for Kim Jung-Un to maintain power is through what?