Medallion Rugs

Medallion Rug
Traditionally enchanting and charming, medallion
rugs do feature an ageless polish. Strong and bold
patterns with distinctive color combinations
perfectly curated to enhance the look and feel of
your floors artfully. They are made with the thick,
agreeable bit of premium yarns high-quality rugs
do offer powerful and irresistible softness.
This round shaped rug goes outstandingly
well with any backyard, patio, deck, or
poolside, and makes a look that is
contemporary yet ancient. The center of this
rug is adorned with a medallion in the shape
of a flower and arabesque designs, moving
vines and twisting themes – which all meet
up to give a joyful texture to the beige
foundation making perplexing structures that
surround this piece of magic.
Wool Tribal 4x6ft JH4048
This 4 x 6 ft rug is not just well designed for
an artistic look but also provides a warm
touch to the surroundings. The rug is made
up of 100% wool, and the fabric has a cozy
look and feel. Look no further if you are
planning to enhance the beauty of your living
room, order this now.
Wool Wool Tribal 2.5 x 4 ft JH4167
Place this carpet in your living room near the
fireplace and cuddle with your loved ones with
a soft blanket to feel the warm and smooth
comfort of its fabric. This astounding 2.5x 4 ft
rug will fit in any décor to give out vintage
vibes and set a high window to unveil the
majestic view of the Persian era.
Wool Kashan 6 x 9 ft JH4123C
Invite your friends over for a comfortable
and lavish setting and experience the magic
of Persian decor sense unfolding in your
living area. Give your home the
much-needed change by bringing home this
fantastic piece wool carpet usa and pamper
yourself with the velvety touch of wool that
will last with you for the entire day.
Wool Open Kashan 2.6x4ft JH4081
An exceptional piece of art that has
taken months to come in the final shape
and a work of our master artisans who
have been passing down this tradition of
rug weaving from one generation to the
other. Grab this stunning piece of
Medallion rug today and get ready to
receive praises from your loved ones for
your sense of home decor.
Thank You!
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