Kashmiri Rugs

Kashmiri Rugs
It is essential to brighten up the living room for your house a little,
and this can be done using handcrafted rugs in multiple ways.
They can improve the beauty of your home and give it a clean
look. Rugs are also accessible in different sizes and various
designs. When it comes to buying a new rug for your home, you
may have multiple options to choose from.Kashmir's rug has a
history all through the world, acclaimed and celebrated for its
home vibrant and unique designs as a treasure.
Wool Plain 2.6x6ft JH4060
The beautiful landscape of this rug is
surrounded by a bright and luscious border
that compliments the smooth black very
well. This rug can act as the ultimate
accessory to blend in perfectly with your
home décor.
Wool Plain 4x6ft JH4016
It is a valuable addition to your home
décor, and it's beautiful detail work
makes this rug a masterpiece. No
matter wherever you decide to place
this rug, it is sure to grab all the
Wool Elephant 4x4ft JH4036
This Wool Elephant Rug is handcrafted by
exceptionally skilled artisans from Jaipur only
after going through several steps of
measuring, interweaving of wool, which helps
achieve the intricate designs and detailing on
Wool Mori 2.6X4ft JH41103
These features are so perfectly blended to
make it a marvelous artistic production. This
2.3x 4 ft rug is sure to express your
character and philosophy with the interior
décor and stylistic theme you have in mind.
Wool Wool Meer 2.5x 4 ft JH4184
This Kashmiri Rug USA is very
comforting and easy to maintain. Place
this rug against the lighter backgrounds
in your house and feel the difference.
Experience royalty immersed in art by
unfolding this woolen rug with your home
Thank You!