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30 Minute Facial


The 30 Minute Facial

While laying in the heated

Infratherapy Treatment blanket

, you will improve the condition of your skin through increased metabolism, oxygenation of tissue, and increased blood flow that may delay the effects of photoaging.

Want to get a brighter complexion, smoother skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and reduce the appearance of dark spots? We’ve got you covered there too with our



to polish the skin.

If you are sensitive, no worries we have a

Skin Scrubber

which is a water-based exfoliation treatment that is used on wet skin. It produces sound waves to cleanse the skin gently for quick recovery.

Now what about gently removing the outermost layer of your skin to relieve dullness and dead skin? I know right

– that too? Yes ! A

Peel Off Mask

will leave a smoother skin texture and can also help balance out pigmentation. Plus, peel-off masks can assist in fading fine lines and cleaning out pores.

To sooth tired and overheated skin, and close pores while locking moisture into the skin, a



will be used across the skin for a luxurious treatment.

Facial Light Therapy

closes the deal by using light as a source of energy to fuel the repair and rejuvenation of damaged cells, or, in the case of treating acne, kill bacteria. The energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, boosts circulation and accelerates tissue repair. You did it, you made it to the end !

NOTE: Review the Contraindications form or call and speak to our Electro-Therapist to verify your eligibility to receive this treatment before booking.

Enhance the effects with a series of 4

– 6 peels, spaced 2 – 4 weeks apart.*

Do not workout prior to session. Cancellation Policy in Effect