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Aspiring Leaders Conference- Application Form

Aspiring Leaders Conference: Application Form
Conference Dates:
Brisbane- 5th & 6th September
Melbourne- 12th & 13th September
Why should you be considered? Please answer the below question (word limit 500 words) and submit your completed
application form to your manager for their signature.
Please note the amount of effort you put in to your response will directly affect your chances of being selected for this
1. Why should you be considered to attend the Aspiring Leaders conference? How do you believe your
participation in the Aspiring Leaders Conference will contribute to the broader success of your
Your Signature:
Your Managers Signature:
Managers- by signing this application form you are asserting you have read your staff members response to the
question posed above and based on this, and your own opinion of their ability and potential, fully endorse their
attendance at the Aspiring Leaders Conference.
Once signed please return your typed completed application form to Kate Wearn, [email protected],
no later than 18th August 2017