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Water Webquest

Water Webquest (Day 1)
● Water is called ‘the universal solvent’ because
● Water is the only substance on earth that ____________________________
The Earth’s surface is 71% Water. 97% of this is saltwater, and 3% is freshwater. 77%
of freshwater is frozen. Of the 23% of freshwater water left (unfrozen) only about half of
a percent is available to supply organisms with what they need to survive. (Using this
information, fill out your piechart)
● Define a hydrothermal vent
● Where do hydrothermal vents normally occur?
Why are seasons different around the ocean
● Name 5 factors that influence weather in a marine biome
● Define Salinity
● What causes salinity to increase?
● What causes salinity to decrease?
● The ocean stores most of its heat in the photic zone
● Briefly describe The North Atlantic Oscillation Effect
● Briefly describe La Nina
● Briefly describe El Nino
Using the map in our room….
● Define a river basin
● How many does NC have?
On your own (using resources you have likely found from our project)
● Name 3 facts about groups chosen river basin