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Dish Garden (Repaired)

According to the principles of
contemporary arts, the element
space is an art that is transforming
the space itself. A good example is
art installations in malls and park.
Same as our dish garden, the
arrangement of the stones
represent space as it beautifies
and transfiguring a simple thing
into a meaningful one.
One of the element to project our main perspective through the
dish garden, it conveys the idea of democratic expression in
society. With all the lowkey materials, hybridity presence
depends very much on who is looking and how; it is a question
of cultural representation and, as a result, cannot be inherent in
the object itself. We, self proclaimed craftspeople incorporating
modern materials or techniques and new icons in our artwork
(such as modern staircase, interior gardening executed in
cement sculpture), thus adapting our cultural production to
reflect our changing environment and opening a dialogue
between our work and the modern world as a whole.
We established a bona fide that cost merely what an artist can
afford without injustification . Likewise, we as a Filipino, a student,
we just not portray the diversity on it but as well as the cooperation
of producing our aspects in today's reality. Art is what we’re doing
when we do our best work.To be able to produce another form of
artwork, unlike materials should be mixed which defines hybridity. In
our output, you can see those pots placed on the top of the stairs.
These were creatively made up of pieces of clothes and dipped into a
mixed cement and sand.Since different materials were used and
another artwork was created, hybridity, one of the elements of
contemporary arts is portrayed.
P e r f o r m a n ce
One of the principles of contemporary arts that shows different human activities that is
usually relevant to different themes. Poverty is one of those themes and in our artwork.
The weeds represents the poverty we are experiencing today.
Our artwork interprets the division of society which is subdivided into three different
categories that represents the poor, average and the rich. We made use of symbolisms
such as the wood fence seperating the weeds, the proper arrangement of cactus which
represent a steady state of living and gold pots placed on top of the stairs to show the
continouos progress of rich people.
The representation of the differences does not only show how the society is separated
but it also conveys the beauty made by differences. It may be shown beautifully but the
reality does not rely on beauty. Things that our eyes see isn't the same as how it really
looks. We can only see in a certain distance and as human beings we must see beyond that
'cause only then we can be considered worth to be one.
Submitted by: Maryjane Afunay, Kolyne Daracan, Keith Catriz, Raivel Tarun, Medelyn Arzadon, Trisha Balucas