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Tartan Skirts


Tartan Skirts

Tartan Skirt

Scottish culture is unique in the way that it possesses its own unique style of dress that speaks to the culture and heritage of the country itself in a way that can be worn day in and day out and not just for special occasions. The

Tartan Skirts

and kilt is a garment that seems to be as old as time and has stayed stylish and present in modern fashions over the centuries, never losing its appeal. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we are dedicated to providing you the opportunity to don your country's heritage wherever you go, letting you get specific and choose the style of tartan that represents your family or region or just choosing the one that best suits your sense of style.

All of our tartan kilts and skirts, regardless of style, are entirely made to measure, so that you can be sure you get the perfect fit. This category of kilts is designed to fit a woman’s body specifically and will offer a more flattering fit than if you just slipped on a man's kilt. Look exceptional and one of a kind while representing your heritage in one of these women's tartan kilts from Scottish Kilt Shop.

Tartan Plaid Mini Skirt

Short, chic and feminine, this

Tartan Plaid Mini Skirt

gives you the chance to rock the mini skirt styles that you love while also paying homage to your Scottish heritage. Using the many tartan styles that are available to you and using pleats that are taken straight from your favorite kilt looks, the skirt combines the best of both worlds in terms of feminine style and modern kilt wearing, so that you can look and feel your best showing off your Scottish pride. The kilt sits just at the mid-thigh for a cheeky length that also keeps you cool and comfortable in any weather. It is available in a huge number of tartan styles that will allow you to pick out the one that is best suited for your one-of-a-kind personality. Each one of the kilts is made to measure, meaning that we won't start crafting the kilt until you have sent in your measurements to give us an idea of your hip size and waist size to base the bespoke kilt off of. Make it even more unique by choosing the buttons and hardware that you want to add.

Modern Tartan Plaid Skirt

If you're ready to start expressing your love of your heritage through your style of dress just like

Scottish men do, the

Modern Tartan Plaid Skirt

is for you. This plaid skirt sits just above the knee like the standard length of a tartan kilt but gives you all of the form and shape of a classic skirt, so that you don't have to sacrifice your love of feminine appearances for something that resembles a tartan kilt. This Modern Tartan Plaid Skirt is a modern take on a classic kilt and comes in your choice of tartan colors and patterns, letting you choose a style that is reflective of the style that shows off your personality.

Regardless of the style of kilt that you choose, you can make sure that it fits in an ideal way by sending in your measurements before you order and we will make your kilt to your specific requirements to give you the ideal look. You can also customize the kilt in other ways by choosing the type of buttons and hardware you prefer and add in any other modifications you can think of on top of it.

Box Pleated Tartan Skirt

No matter what style of

Women Tartan Skirts

you like, whether it is reflective of your clan, your region or just a reflection of your favorite colors, the Box Pleated Skirt can be custom made to look precisely how you like it.

This tartan pleated skirt is made from Acrylic wool fabric that is breathable and comfortable. The box pleats featured on the Box Pleated skirt add depth and dimension to the look while also providing plenty of space to move around in. These pleats have been sewn down in the back.

Velcro enclosure help to adjust the skirt to your waist and secure the skirt onto your body.

This pleated tartan skirt allows you to further customize the look, and you may choose from over a hundred tartan styles to suit your tastes


Mini Tartan skirt


Mini Tartan Skirt

will be made in your choice of tartan that spans a huge spectrum and according to your requirements that best compliments your personality and sense of style.

The skirt is also made out of remarkable easy to maintain and comfortable acrylic wool that still manages to be lightweight enough that you can wear it on warmer days without feeling too hot.

The design has a button closure and a zipper fly to make it easier for you to put on and off . It is also attached with belt loops let you use the belt if you need tighten the skirt around your waist more securely or add up the style and accessories.

There are pockets added to the front that can help keep your hands cozy or allow you to store small belongings. To make this skirt into its own outfit, you may order it with a matching bag or hats to complete the look. Scottish Kilt Shop is dedicated to providing you with premium tartan skirts that are not only stylish but also fit perfectly. Because of this, each skirt is completely made to measure.

Give yourself peace of mind when ordering a skirt online by including your waist and hip measurements so that you can be sure it will fit perfectly straight out of the box. Not only this, but you can dictate where the skirt will fall on your body by including your fell measurement and skirt length.

Finish off its customizations by choosing the buttons and hardware that you want for the skirt and make it totally one of a kind.

Fringe Tartan Skirt

Just like any other clothing, skirts are ever evolving and changing the way that they look as well as the sort of events that they can be worn to. Where kilts once were thick, long and heavy, resting just above the top of the knees, they can now be made to any length and cut, making them a great choice for women who want to change up their usual skirt styles and go for something more unique. The Fringe Tartan Skirt has gone one step further when it comes to giving women unique ways to wear tartan skirts with the addition of tassels that make the skirt look even more casual and perfect for festivals.

The Fringe Tartan Skirt with Tassels begins with a standard solid piece of fabric that boasts a tartan design of your choice from one of the many options available. It is fashioned out of soft, warm acrylic wool that is warm but lightweight, making it ideal for wear in any weather. Along the bottom hem of the skirt are rope-style tassels that match the tartan color you chose and hang down just above the knee for a stylish, updated take on classic tartan skirts.

The fringe tartan skirt offers a button closure and zip fly that make it simple and comfortable to put on and take off. If you want to adjust the fit of the tartan a little bit, you can take advantage of the belt loops that rest along the waist. With the

Fringe Tartan Skirt

with Tassels, not only can you get such a chic tartan skirt, you can also take home a hat and a matching bag in order to turn it into an entire kilt outfit.

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