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Industrial Revolution

10th CRQ Thursday
Industrialization test Friday
Industrial Revolution
Hw packet due Friday
I. Industrialization
 The process in which people begin to use machines to
produce goods rather than by hand.
II. Causes/ needs of industrialization
A. Easily available natural resources
B. Surplus of food
C. Surplus of workers
 Low wages
III. England Industrializes First
 Surplus of coal and iron
 Growing population
 Farming treated as a science and business
 Lots of harbors for trade
 Lots of colonies to trade with
IV. Agricultural Revolution
a. Farming starts to be treated as a science
b. New inventions made farming easier
 Less workers could produce more food
 Seed drill, cotton gin, four field system
V. The Steam Engine
 Engine used to power the Industrial revolution
 Factories, ships, trains, everything
VI. Transportation Revolution
 Steam Engines are used to power railroads and boasts
making transportation CHEAPER, FASTER, RELIABLE.
VII. Urbanization
 Rapid growth of cities
 Farms needed less workers, so the workers went to
factories in cities
VIII. Urban Living conditions
 Disgusting, with no plan for growth cities:
 No sewers
 Too few homes
 Tenements: unsafe, overcrowded apartments
 Disease spread
IX. Working conditions
 A. Worked 14 hours a day 6 days a week
 B. Machines were dangerous and injuries common
 C. poor conditions led to many diseases
X. Child Labor
 Children commonly started working around 6 years old
 Little to no education for factory kids
 Dangerous conditions
XI. Social Class Tensions
A. Factory owner and merchants made huge profits leading
to the growth of the middle class
B. Working class: factory workers and craftsmen
XII. Labor Unions
An organization of workers who try for better conditions
Reforms (change)
Shorter work days/weeks
Better conditions
Health insurance/ compensation
Higher wages
End of child labor
XIII. Reform in the industrial revolution
 There were many problem with society as a result of
industry. Labor unions and government tried to fix this:
 Ended child labor
 Public education
 gave women more rights/ voting
 improved working conditions
 stop pollution/ created parks
XIV. positive effect of industrlization
 emergence of the middle class
 better diets
 improved education
 new invetions
 improved sanitation
 increased standard of living