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Sarah Smith - Catcher Chapters 1-3

Mr. Murer
English 9H
Catcher in the Rye: Chapters 1-3
Instructions: in addition to your dialectical journals on chapters 1-3, answer the questions below
in complete sentences.
Why is Holden not attending the football game?
He just came back from New York with the fencing team.
What happens to Holden in New York?
He left all the foils and equipment on the subway.
How does Holden know that Mr. Spencer has told his wife Holden is leaving Pencey?
The way she asked how he was.
How does Holden feel when he goes into Mr. Spencer's room?
He feels sorry that he came and thinks it's pretty depressing.
Why has Mr. Spencer invited him over?
To lecture him about his work and future.
When does Mr. Spencer say that Holden will start to care about the future?
When its too late for him to do anything about it.
How does Ackley get into Holden's room?
Through a door that leads to the bathroom.
What does Holden say to let Ackley know that he doesn't want him there?
He told him that he can't concentrate in his book because of him.
Why doesn't Ackley like Stradlater?
He thinks Stradlater has a superior attitude and that he's conceited.
What does Stradlater want to wear that belongs to Holden?
Holdens hound's-tooth jacket.