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Sarah Smith - Imagery and Symbolism Story Assignment

Sarah Smith
Quality: Sadness
Symbol: Water
After the funeral, Jamie decided to take a walk along the shore. Standing in that stuffy room
that smelled of death made her sick. Seeing his body made her feel worse. When the truck
hit she knew he wasn’t gonna be the same afterward. She never thought he would die. She
didn’t cry when it happened, she didn’t cry when the doctor said he wouldn’t make it, she
didn’t cry when she saw him in that coffin and she couldn’t cry now. At first, she thought it
was because she didn’t think it was real. She knows he’s gone. He won’t come back. Why
couldn’t she cry? She felt hollow. When she looked over at the water, she saw 1the light
dancing on the surface of the water. She felt a sudden urge to get in. She started walking in.
The further she walked in the heavier she felt. Her clothes dragged her deeper down with
every step. She stopped walking just as her head was above the water. From here the water
looked light blue, almost like the sky on a sunny day. She took another step. She let her
body sink and hit the ocean floor. Now she could see the water’s true colors. It was dark
and depressing. It looked like the sky after a thunderstorm. The pressure made her ears
pop, but she didn’t want to go back up. Her air ran out. The water burned in her lungs.
Instead of hollow her chest now felt weighted. She screamed and watched the air bubbles
travel up towards the clouds. From down here they looked dim like there was no sun
behind them. She knew she was dying. She didn’t care. As she slipped away, she felt
relieved. No longer was she trapped inside herself or inside this dreaded world. She was
free. The last image she saw before her eyes closed for the last time, was her father. He was
in his green fishing gear and you could still smell the fish on his clothes, though they’ve
been washed countless times. She smiled and tears started to gush out of her. She was
gonna see him again. This was it, she felt the water enfold her. The cold, depressing waters
took her into their darkness and granted her final wish.