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2. Case Study - Mo's expeirence of personalisation

Case Study: Mo’s experience of personlisation
Mo is 46 years old. She has multiple sclerosis, a long term degenrative
condition. Until her mother died seven years ago, Mo lived in the family home
and was looked after by her mother, who was very protective.
After her mother’s death, Mo felt she could not continue to live alone without
support. She was assessed by her local authority, was offered a suitable house
and opted for direct payments. She employed a personal assistant and other
health and social care professionals.
Mo enjoyed the opportunity to start a new life and take part in activiites that
in the past would have been difficult. She enjoyed the freedom of being able to
do what she wanted when she wanted, as she could arrange her support
around her lifestyle.
Feeling confident for the first time in her life, Mo decided to go to university.
She had a fantastic experience meeting new people from a variety of
backgrounds. During summer vacations she was invited to visit some of them
Europe and Asia. She went clubbing and partying until the early hours with her
new friends.
Mo felt life was worth living as she looked forward to each day. After she
finished her degree she applied for a part-time job as an advisor working for
the local authority. She now assists and offers advice to families with children
who have needs. She loves her job and the feeling of self-worth it has given
1. Discuss how a personalised budget has changed Mo’s life.