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Synesthetic Art is a new form of artistic and creative activities, which is
the process and result of the simultanisation and selective cross-modal
coordination of complementary aesthetic objects and phenomena, it is
the art to create cross-sensory complex compounds, that is,
synaesthetic works that blends the various arts (poetry, literature, fine
arts, music, dance, art of photography, perfume, jewelry arts and crafts,
culinary arts, etc.). For example, the synesthetic composition "Music of
Beauty", created by Irina Miroshnik, combines complementary and
selectively coordinated artistic images: visual-the picture "Birth of Venus"
by Sandro Botticelli and musical - "Music of the Primary Ocean" by Irina
Miroshnik. The simultaneous artistic image "the Solitude of Christ"
combines complementary artistic images: the pictorial one — Ivan
Nikolaevich kramsky's painting "Christ in the desert" and the musical
one-Bach. Prelude No.14 F sharp minor WTC V2 in the performance
interpretation of Irina Miroshnik.
From the point of view of the Coordinational Aesthetics, synesthetic
abilities are based on the aesthetic emotions and feelings inherent in a
person from birth, in which the essential human forces are manifested. It
is your essential aesthetic emotions, feelings, experiences that mediate
and combine into a single work of synaesthetic art complementary
aesthetic stimuli (visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, tactile).
In aesthetic emotions, feelings of beauty and harmony, which are innate
and develop in the cultural environment, there is a fundamental need
and ability of a person to selectively coordinate complementary
opposites. Developing coordinational synesthetic abilities according to
the System of psychological coordination implemented in the
Synesthetic Game "Symphony of Five Senses", You develop artistic
synesthetic thinking, cognitive abilities, increase the plasticity of the
brain and your creative potential, harmonize the psyche and the body as
a whole, improve health and quality of life!
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