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Electricity consumption in the society of the XXI century

Electricity consumption in the society of the XXI century
Many years ago, a big group of researchers decided to perform/undertake/carry out an analysis of the
precedence of the electric ray. Finally, they concluded that electricity comes by the forces of nature. For
this reason, we can affirm that electricity has not been invented, it has just been discovered.
Actually, as we all know, electricity is a part of our lives, and we use it for everything. Normally, we do
not pay attention where it comes from, and this ignorance is a big mistake established in our society.
There are many ways to get this electric power, in consequence, there is a big competence to find the
best and most economical source of energy.
Nowadays, we have many renewable sources of energy. One of these is the wind energy, but how does it
work exactly?
This source of energy works by/through the influence of the wind, which flows through the blades of
one windmill, and by/through this movement it provides power to turn an electric generator, which
produces electricity.
Summarizing/To sum up, we must/should keep our planet safe, for this reason we must/should fight for
a world powered by renewable energies.