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FInal Reflection

Nadirah Abdallah
Inquiry One: Exploring the Sandbox
• For my first Inquiry I told the children that we would be mixing water with dry sand. In
the sandbox I had a barrier between wet sand and dry sand, by having small
containers filled with water and a eyedroppers.
• The students were discovering how when water touches the dry sand it turns to wet
• I had the students observe the way the sand feels to them, and explain to me what it
felt like to them. I also had the children explore the sand by mushing the sand together
to see if it would stick easier with wet or dry sand.
Inquiry One: Pictures
Inquiry Two: Building In the Sandbox
• For Inquiry two the children were building different types of shapes using small/large
• The children were building different shapes using wet sand.
• The big idea in Inquiry Two was seeing if the children could build using different sizes of
• Children enjoyed Inquiry Two, because they were role playing while building using the
containers. For example “Two of the girls would say that they are baking small
cupcakes using the small containers, because it was a shape of a circle”.
• Other children were using the large containers to create towers, because they were
building their own sand castles.
Inquiry Two: Pictures
Inquiry Two: Pictures Cont.
Inquiry Two: Videos
Inquiry Three: Building with
Cornstarch Popcorn
• For my Inquiry Three I continued working towards the big idea which was “Building
using different types of materials”.
• I brought in Cornstarch Popcorn for the students to build with using water as a tool to
stick them together.
• They had a sponge cutup into little pieces so they could damp water onto them so
they could stick the popcorn together.
• By this the children were able to create different shapes. I had a student build a person
that looked like a snowman.
• Some of the children enjoyed just mushing them together and exploring how it feels to
Inquiry Three: Pictures
Final Reflection
• The big idea with all three lessons was to explore on building using different types of
• Each Inquiry tied into each other, because I built on the concept of building .
• I’ve learned that the children understand on building off the concept of lesson tieing
into another.
• What I didn’t know about the big idea is the level developmental that children have,
because I wasn’t sure if they could think beyond the standards that I was giving them
to work on. They were building on concepts beyond just building on basic shapes.