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Student - Friendly Learning Targets
Knowledge Targets
Students will:
● Be able to transcribe
DNA sequences to
mRNA by correctly
pairing DNA
(complementary basepairing)
● Be able to translate an
mRNA sequence to a
protein sequence by
recognizing Start and
Stop codons
● Be able to read and use
the Universal Genetic
Code Chart to match
mRNA sequences to
corresponding amino
● Be able to match the
amino acid sequences
to the corresponding
physical traits
Students will:
● Demonstrate their
understanding and
application of
transcription and
Reasoning Targets
Performance/Skill Targets
Product Targets
Students will:
 Draw an accurate
sketch of the suspect.
Suspect’s physical
traits should be
reflective of the clues
given and solved (eg.
Clear distinction
between curly hair vs.
straight hair)
translation to a handson activity ‘Genetic
Police Sketch Activity’.