Uploaded by Robert P.


Hello all,
My name is Robert and I am studying to get my bachelor’s degree in
business and operations management. I live in San Diego, California. On my
free time I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible. You can usually find
me hiking, camping, biking and snowboarding on the weekends. I also have
2 young kids who keep me active as well.
I feel that liberal arts are important not only as a class but also in
society. It is a way of better understanding people and the economics of the
world around us. Thinking outside of the box to implement complex
scenarios and to take in consideration the human factor of things.
Though I have never taken a liberal arts course at college I believe that
I have utilized some of the knowledge here in my workplace. We are a very
diverse work force and working together with one another for a common
goal is a daily effort.
I am interested in the humanities side of liberal arts. To learn about
what drives people and how they accomplish things amid diversity and
obstacles seems fascinating to me. Bringing people together to brainstorm
and come up with new ideas is something that I can relate to and look
forward to learning more in depth of how and why they come up with
certain ideas.