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Influence of a temperament on a person

Influence of
temperament on a
Mukhametgalina D.
Sanguine (enthusiastic, active and
Choleric (short-tempered, fast and
Melancholic (analytical, wise and quiet)
Phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful)
Sanguine Personality Type ( The Talker)
They are self-confident, taking no offense at critical remarks.
They have superb interpersonal skills and positive attitude to get
on well with peers and clients.
They are cool-headed and productive, but they lose motivation
and interest in work when it becomes humdrum or doesn’t
require any defined responsibilities.
Their natural abilities will also
serve them well if they
choose jobs related to
marketing, sales, PR, travel,
fashion, cooking or sports.
(W. A. Mozart, M. Y. Lermontov, V. I.
Lenin, N. Bonaparte)
Phlegmatic Personality Type
(The Watcher)
Relaxed phlegmatics live in harmony with others. Top
characteristics of this temperament are self-control, patience,
fixity of habits, and high effectiveness.
• Phlegmatics are the most productive employees.
• When it comes to tough stuff, they are steady and coolheaded.
• They are team players, curious and fair.
Ideal careers for phlegmatic
personality types should be
related to: nursing, teaching,
psychology or counselling, child
development or social services.
(M. I. Kutuzov, Galileo Galilei, I.
Choleric Personality Type (The Doer)
The most ambitious of all the temperaments, cholerics are
competitive, goal-oriented, motivational, and often climbing
into positions of leadership
They are practical, logical, analytical, and straightforward.
• They are full of energy and have strong leadership skills.
• They start new projects with passion.
• They are persuasive and attractive.
Ideal jobs for choleric personality type
are related to the following industries:
management, technology, statistics,
engineering, programming, law,
(Ludwig van Beethoven, A. S. Pushkin,
D. I. Mendeleev)
Melancholic Personality Type
(The Thinker)
Task-oriented, they better work alone or in small groups. Melancholics don’t like
when someone interrupts or distracts them, so they often choose careers allowing to
show their creative side with less publicity and no rush.
• They have strong analytical skills and intuition.
• They are tactful, and they are okay with routine work.
• Their strong problem-solving skills make them a great adviser.
• They are wise and creative.
• They are a classy organizer
Perfect careers for melancholic
personality type should be in
management, accounting, research,
art, science, social work or
(P. I. Tchaikovsky, S. Yesenin,
I. Newton)