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Expository Writing Rubric

Expository Writing Rubric
On a scale of 0 – 4, rate the writing. (0 = no evidence; 1 = little evidence; 2 = some evidence;
3 = frequent evidence, used effectively; 4 = abundant evidence, used effectively)
Elements for Effective Expository Writing
1. The topic is clearly stated in the introduction.
2. The thesis statement is well defined and does not contain
opinions or debatable claims.
3. Specific details are based on fact and support and explain the topic.
4. Paragraphs and sentences follow a logical sequence with clear transitions.
5. The conclusion restates the thesis and ties together the main points.
6. The structure used is effective for explaining the topic (extended
definition, compare/contrast, cause/effect, how-to).
7. Use of standard writing conventions is apparent (punctuation,
capitalization, spelling, grammar, paragraphing).
8. Sentences vary in beginnings, length, and structure.
9. Word choice includes descriptive details, action verbs, specific
vocabulary, and effective transition words.
10. The explanation maintains focus and gives the reader a clear and precise
understanding of the topic.
11. When appropriate, multimedia is used to enhance the overall meaning of
the work and does not detract from it.
Respond to the following questions:
What is something I think I did well in writing about this topic?
What are some things I will revise in this piece of writing?
What is something I can work to improve the next time I use the expository mode of writing?