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would and used to

Jana Tuliemat
Mrs. Myer
ELL 2 Grammar, period 5
October 28, 2019
Compare Two Worlds
I’ve used to live in Egypt but now I am living in America. So I am going to compare
between how people, teachers, streats, and students used to be. In General people in
Egypt, they are used to share what they have with their neighbors and friends. Also here
in America people are nice but they are not the kind of people who would make friends
with neighbors. Teachers in Egypt are nice but they used to hit the student by wood
sticks. Here in America, teachers are so nice, but if students make problems they would
call the security. The streets in Egypt are dirty, because people there are used to throw
garbage everywhere, without even thinking. Here, people would throw garbage in a
trashcan. Students in Egypt are used to be so nice and they like to help each other, plus
they are very respectful to each other, but here in America students aren’t used to be
respectful to each other, in fact they don't really help each other. Life in Egypt is very
different from life in America. I wish when I visit Egypt things are better.