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Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel—Night
This book is about lots of Jews go to concentration camp, where the German mistreat them.
One day Elie and his family were doing work they heard the ground shaking when they peeked to see
what was going on and the German were standing outside barging down the doors and putting in trains.
When they arrived at the concentration camp the German had them line up in lines they said, ‘’
One who is in good shape goes to blocks and people who are in bad condition goes to be burned in a big
Elie and his father we're in the same blocks, then the Germans came and gave them new
clothes, bread, and soup.
But one day they heard firing and they knew the Russians we're coming so the next day they
were going to move, but the German Picked two people to clean the blocks , so by the time they were
done cleaning they left the camp.
in this book I learned that the Germans were cruel to the Jews, they let the Jews stand in the cold
for 5 hours But in April the second came the Americans won the fight with Germany and all the Jews
happy to be free from the German.
What I learned in this book