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2.09 Lab Project

1. The 14th amendment guarantees the right to due process, South America has the most
geographic coverage with the protection of due process
2. The United States’ first amendment offers broader protections than the United Kingdoms
Human Rights Act of 1998. Our first amendment does not have that many rules or
regulations whereas the United Kingdom has many requirements or limitations that the
courts can place.
3. The fourteenth amendment established birthright citizenship.
4. The right to bear arms is our “unique” right.
5. Syria’s freedom of religion differs from the United States due to Islam being the national
religion but other religions are still respected if they do not get in the way of public order.
Syria’s freedom of religion is somewhat similar to the United States simply because they
respect the other religions that are present in their country.
Landmark Supreme Court Cases Lab
Miranda v. Arizona.
1. June 13th, 1966.
2. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of Miranda.
3. I agree with the decision because even if Miranda committed a terrible crime, his rights
were still violated. Our fifth and sixth amendment is crucial when it comes to hearings
because it can determine our future and whether or not we will be affected.
4. This landmark case affects citizens now because as stated above, the fifth and sixth
amendment is pivotal in the future of the offender. The lines “You have the right to
remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.
You have the right to speak to an attorney.” guides the suspect into a pathway that
ultimately influences the decision or whether or not they will be put in jail.
Gideon v. Wainwright
1. March 18th, 1963.
2. Supreme Court unanimously in favor of Gideon.
3. Yes, the poor should have the same access to legal counseling so that the trial can be fair
for both sides. If the other side has a lawyer who is, obviously, experienced in law then it
will be clear as to who will win the case. The wealth of the individual should not matter
in most cases because in the end, the case should highlight what was right or wrong.
4. This landmark case affects the U.S legal system today because it allows everybody to
have legal counseling no matter what economic background you come from.