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Cornell Notes Muscular System

Cornell Notes
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Muscular System____
Name: ___________________________________
Class: _________________ Period: ________
Date: ____________________________
Essential Question: How does our muscular system work with other systems in the human body?
Questions/Main Ideas:
Muscles are made up of __________________________
and provide ____________________________________
A tendon is what _______________________________
Muscles will contract, or _________________________
and then __________________
The muscular system is responsible for ______________
Muscles make up about __________________________
There are three types of muscles:
How many muscles are in the body?
How do opposing groups of muscles work? ___________
Skeletal muscles are attached to our bones via ________
The muscles will _______________________________,
while another muscle ____________________________
Skeletal muscles are _____________________________
They only move ________________________________
Smooth muscles are ____________________________,
like the _______________________________________
Smooth muscles are ____________________________
They are controlled by the _______________________
Cardiac muscles are found _______________________
Cardiac muscles are ____________________________,
like smooth muscles. They are controlled by ________
Muscles work in _________________
They are made up of many ______________________
The fibers _____________________________________
When the muscle contracts, _______________________,
pulling the muscle back and _______________________
How do you think this makes you move? (hint: what are
your muscles attached to?) ________________________