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GSuite Practice Exam

G Suite Certification
Practice Exam
Practice Exam on the G Suite Platform
The G Suite certification practice exam is a sample of similar questions you will encounter on exam day.
You will be asked to perform these actions within a real G Suite account with mock Google Docs, Sheets,
Slides, and Forms. Please see the ​case study for actual documents used on the exam. Reviewing the
practice exam will help you familiarize yourself with the types of questions you may encounter and help
you determine your readiness for the exam. A successful completion of the practice exam does not
guarantee you will pass the certification, as the actual exam is longer and covers a wider range of topics.
Sheets and
Task #1
Task #2
Task #3
You want to share the final
version of your Google Doc
with two people on your team.
Give view-only access to
[​personA@zenteros.com​] and
You want to reduce the
number of pages in your
Google Doc. Change the line
spacing from double spaced
to single spaced.
Change the numbered list to a
bulleted list.
Task #4
Task #5
You are working on a Google Doc that is 20
pages in length. Add a footer with the page
You have relocated to London and want to
create a document for your team to print. Make
sure your paper size is A4 (8.27” x 11.69”).
For more information visit ​https://cloud.google.com/certification/gsuite
Sheets and Forms
Task #1
Task #2
Task #3
You realize that the Google
Sheet your team shared with
your company’s domain has
private information in it, and
should only be visible to you.
Make sure only you are able to
view and edit the spreadsheet.
In Column B in your Google
Sheet, you would like your
team to add the dates that
they completed their training.
Edit the sheet so your team
can only enter a date in the
MM/DD/YYY format.
In your budget, you want to
count the number of sales
that are over $100,000 or
more. Create a formula in cell
E15 that will automatically
count the number of sales
that are over $100,000.
Task #4
Task #5
Task #6
Change the name of the
second tab on your Google
Sheet to “Project Plan.”
In Google Sheets, duplicate
the sheet titled “Calendar.”
Freeze the first 2 columns of
your Google Sheet.
Task #7
Task #8
Task #9
For an upcoming event, you
are tracking your team’s food
preferences so you can
choose a restaurant. You are
missing the preferences for
Add a comment in the empty
cell that will send them an
email notification asking them
to put their preference in cell
You are looking at the
forecast column in your sheet,
and want to know the total
dollar amount that is
forecasted. Write a formula in
cell K2 that will add up the
total forecasted amount.
The deadline has passed for
coworkers to answer your
survey. In the Google Form
titled "Customer Satisfaction
Survey,” update the settings
so new responses are no
longer accepted.
For more information visit ​https://cloud.google.com/certification/gsuite
Task #1
Task #2
Task #3
Task #4
Open the Google
Slides called
Presentation” and
insert the image
called “logo.gif”
located in Google
You need your
coworker from the
finance department
to add last year's
sales results into
your presentation. On
slide 3, add an action
item for
om​] telling them to
insert the sales
results when they are
Add an appendix
slide at the end of
your presentation.
Left align the text in
slide 6.
Task #1
Task #2
Task #3
You want to personalize your
emails. In Gmail, add an
automatic signature to your
emails with your name and
phone number.
Make sure
[​personE@​zenteros​.com​] is
BCC’d on your email to
In your email to
attach your Google Sheet
titled “Budget” from Drive.
Task #1
Task #2
Task #3
Share the folder in Google
Drive titled “Promotional
Flyers” with your entire
company so your coworkers
can make changes to the
documents inside the folder.
In Google Drive, share the
Google Sheet called “Budget”
with [​personA@​zenteros​.com​]
so they can make comments
but cannot directly make
changes to the spreadsheet.
In Google Drive, rename the
Google Doc titled “unnamed
doc” to “Global Rollout Plan.”
For more information visit ​https://cloud.google.com/certification/gsuite