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The Elizabethan theatre

The Elizabethan Theatre
Name: _________________
Watch the video and complete the following sentences
The Globe was built by James ______________ for Shakespeare's company the Lord Chamberlain’s men.
It was built in the shape of an _____________ and made of _____________.
Going to see a play was very popular for two reasons
a) It was _________________________________
b) It wasn’t _______________________ It only cost a _________ if you didn’t mind standing
c) It dealt with everyday subjects such as love, ___________ and ___________.
The people standing to watch the play were called ________________.
Everybody put their coins in a ________________ at the entrance of the theatre, hence the name
At the time, the theatre was considered as something which wasn't very ______________ so the people
standing got wet when it ________________.
In front of the stage there was a ________________ door, used for apparitions and disappearances. The
place where the actors changed clothes was called the ______________ and there were _____ door on
the stage, one for ________________ and one for exits.
There was also an upper ________________, normally occupied by ________________.
There were no artificial ________________.
There was no scenery, but simple props such as ________________.
There were no ________________, so the parts of young women were played by ______________.
All the actors were also ________________ and shareholders of the company.