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National security can be defined as the state well-being and inner order in military force, economic,
political, cooperation with neighboring states, natural resources, natural phenomena, state borders,
demographics, natural hazards, energy, media, food, ethnic composition, and other areas. The protection
of national security is primal and the fundamental task of every state to protect the state and its citizen.
A. Drug addiction
It is evidently that our country is facing the menace of drug addiction. Being under the
influence of drugs for a long term, can completely destroy the sense of self and make its taker
commit heinous crimes while he remains under its effect. As for me who is enrolled in the
NSTP100 program, I know what is right to do. It is to educate and encourage people not to use or
even try drugs, because these can harm their family and the society. Through raising awareness
to my fellow youth about the consequences of drug addiction, I can make a positive impact to our
society. Also, reaching out through visiting to people who are undergoing rehabilitation will be a
great help to our countrymen to encourage them for overcoming their addiction to drugs.
B. Earthquake
We all know that earthquake can be the most destructive of all the phenomena. But there
are ways that we can do to avoid damages by following recommended precautions and practices.
But the first thing that an individual must do, is to be equipped through trainings and practice of
earthquake drills. Being enrolled in NSTP100 program, practicing these in class and as a school,
we can perform things that are needed during earthquakes. These help us to be prepared in times
of emergency and function with confidence. Basic and simple things can do make us prepared,
just like preparing emergency box which contain flashlight, clothes some food, some hygiene kit
and documents, and also the duck, cover and hold method.
C. Typhoon
Being enrolled in NSTP100 program, we should knowledgeable of the things we must perform in
times of typhoons. During this calamity, being updated to the latest weather forecast is a must.
Checking of the possible hazards should be performed before the heavy rain comes. Then, apply
the necessary solution for it. Just like in our house, if there are holes in the roof or leaks in the
ceiling, we must repair these ahead of time. Also, if there are messy wirings in the house, we can
use cable ties to manage those to avoid damages and if there is a complex problem in wiring
system, call for the electrician to solve it. It is also very helpful to prepare an emergency kits that
packs the necessary needs such as food, hygiene, lighting, battery, gadgets, and documents.