Word count: 278

Problem-solution model essay: TV Addiction
Word count: 278
Addiction to TV is becoming more and more common worldwide.
What are some of the problems associated with this and what
recommendations can you offer?
The word television comes from Greek and means "seeing far away". However,
the more we watch it, the more short-sighted and narrow-minded we become.
Unfortunately, t.v. is fast becoming as popular and dangerous as drugs. In this essay, I
will outline some problems linked to t.v. addiction and suggest some viable solutions.
Starting with the dangers, health is one of the biggest. To clarify, people who
watch too much t.v. frequently develop problems with their eyes and back and, too,
may become obese. A further negative effect is that a lot of time is wasted. In fact,
statistics show that frequent viewers watch an average of three or more hours daily
and also report feeling less productive after this activity. A final issue is that t.v.
addicts may become antisocial, spending little quality time with family and friends.
Indeed, this is particularly detrimental for children who need to learn good social
Fortunately, there are remedies for this dangerous addiction. One answer is to
budget the amount of time spent watching t.v. For example, people can set aside one
hour a day and schedule other activities, such as sports or reading, in their leisure
time. Yet another alternative is to limit the number of televisions in the household,
even covering screens with a sheet or blanket when they are not in use. Last, the best
solution of all could be to kill the contraption! If you don't have a t.v., you won't watch
To conclude, addiction to t.v is a widespread disease, but with the right
medicine, it can be cured. Individuals must take a long view towards the future,
recognising that short-term actions have long-term consequences.
Word count: 278