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G7 solutions quiz

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Multiple choice: Choose the correct answer and put its letter on the space before the number.
___ 1. A beverage (drink) contains 3% alcohol which means that
a. The solution contains 3 ml of alcohol in97 ml of water
b. The solution contains 30 ml water in 70 ml of water
c. The solution contains 300 ml of alcohol in 700 ml of water
d. the solution contains 100 ml of alcohol in 100 ml of water.
___ 2. Which of these actions will cause more sugar to dissolve in a saturated sugar solution?
I. By stirring vigorously
II. By cooling the solution
III. By heating the solution
a. I only
b. I and III only
c. II only
d. I and II only
___3. Which of the following will affect the solubility of a solid in a liquid?
a. temperature
b. stirring
c. freezing
d. eating
For number 4, solve the problem and show your solution using the formula. No solution, no point.
Mass of material/solution
mass of solute
100 grams of solution
___ 4. Sterling silver contains 95% silver. If a necklace made of sterling silver weighs 15 grams, what
is the mass of silver dissolved in the necklace?
a. 1.6 grams
b. 6.2 grams
c. 9 grams
d. 14.25 grams
Are the following soluble or not? Put a check mark on the appropriate column.
1. Mongo
2. Instant coffee
3. Sand
4. Salt
5. Laundry powder (Tide/Surf/Pride)
6. EC Lion
7. Corn
8. Rice
9. Instant noodles (maggi/pancit canton)
10. sugar
MATCHING TYPE: Match column A with column B. Write the letter of your answer on the blank
before each number.
Column A
A solution which has a small amount of solute for a certain
volume of solvent
Mixture of two or more metals
The component of a solution that is lesser in quantity
The maximum amount of solute that can be dissolved in a
certain amount of solvent at a certain temperature
A solution which has a large amount of solute for a certain
volume of solvent.
The component of a solution that is in greater amount. It is the
dissolving substance of a solution.
A solution contains less solute than it has the capacity to
A solution that contains as much of the solute that it can no
longer dissolve because it is already “full.”
Pure gold
Mixture of iron and carbon
Mixture of carbon and zinc
The amount of water vapor in the air
The simplest and purest form of matter.
Composed of two or more substances combined physically in
any proportion.
Ionized gas like the gas inside a fluorescent bulb.
Column B
A. Solute
B. Solvent
C. Solubility
D. Concentrated
E. solution
F. Unsaturated
G. Saturated
H. Alloy
I. steel
J. 24 karats
K. brass
L. plasma
M. Humidity
N. Mixture
O. Substance
P. Dilute solution