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Fingerprint Lab Text Questions

Fingerprint Lab: Text Questions
Page 86
1. What types of materials can a crime scene investigator find a “Plastic Print?” List all
Page 87
2. What is the difference between a visible print and a latent print?
The following methods are used to “lift” a latent print off a surface.
Dusting (under the head “Visualizing Latent Prints)
3. This method is most effective on: ____________________________________________
Powder color
White or gray
When should we use this color powder?
Iodine (Bottom of page 87)
4. What does Iodine react with?
5. What situation does Iodine method work best for?
Ninhydrin (Top of page 88)
6. Is most commonly used with?
7. What does it react with?
8. What is the resulting color called? (vocab box left side of paper)__________________