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P3ges 1 to 12
Court m3tter
Affid3vit to hold 3 he3rting by D3niel Bruynell 3nd only pert3ins to the 3dmission of his testimony 3s 3s m3tter of L3w
(P3ulo we donʼt even need to h3ve this p3rt its not import3nt)
The following p3ges 3re Police interviews conducted on October 14th 3nd 15th 2013 by Oregon St3te Police 3nd F3irview
police in the murder of Tiff3ny Jenks killed on October 8th 2013 in F3irview Oregon.
The Murder 3s told by Police w3s 3 “R3ndom 3ct of violence” done by 1 person D3niel Bruynell 3fter he met Tiff3ny Jenks
in the smoking section outside the B3r with 2 of his “Friends” Michelle Worden-Brosey 3nd Joshu3 Robinett.
According to Police D3niel Bruynell, Joshu3 Robinett 3nd Michelle Worden-Brosey met (1Y433m) 3nd then drove (2Y113m)
Tiff3ny Jenks from the Mystic-F3lcos B3r to Blue L3ke P3rk loc3ted 16 minutes drive to Blue L3ke P3rk from the B3r in the
city of F3irview Oregon.
Upon 3rriving 3t Blue L3ke P3rk Police cl3im D3niel Bruynell w3s 3rguing with Tiff3ny (bec3use she knows they w3nt to kill
her) 3nd she
“Beg3n to run” fell 3nd D3niel Bruynell
“stood over Tiff3ny Jenks 3nd shot her in the he3d”
The time she w3s shot w3s 2Y303m on October the 8th 2013
Police tell 3 story th3t Joshu3 Robinett 3nd Michelle Worden Brosey did not he3r the gun go off. However the s3me gun
they sold to D3niel Bruynell th3t d3y or more cle3rly 1 second before he shot her on 3 Promissory note.
Police s3id Michele 3nd Joshu3 did not he3r the gun shot but they did he3r D3n 3rguing with Tiff3ny 3nd upon getting
b3ck in the 2008 CTS C3dill3c owned by Michelle they
“did not h3ve 3ny clue why Tiff3ny w3s not in the c3r for the ride home”
So they left without her.
After the murder they returned to the L3quit3 Inn ne3r Portl3nd 3irport where her 12 ye3r old d3ughter w3ited 3lone. Court
records show D3niel Bruynell s3ying “They were 3ll h3ving Crimes (XXX) 3nd the kid w3s in the bed with them 3nd I got
sick” (s3id D3niel)
Joshu3 w3s l3ter ch3rged with sex crimes 3g3inst th3t child. The mother w3s not ch3rged.
After the p3rty 3t the hotel 3t 3round 11Y003m Michelle 3nd Joshu3 drive the shooter D3niel Bruynell with the murder
we3pon to the downtown Portl3nd Greyhound for 3 12Y00pm Bus b3ck to O3kl3nd C3liforni3.
NOTE: 10 hours to Portl3nd 3rrived 3t 10pm 10 hours+ b3ck to O3kl3nd le3ving 3t 12Y00pm tot3l time in Portl3nd 14
hours. Tot3l time in Portl3nd before murder 4 hours 30 minutes.)
Police then cl3im th3t Michelle Joshu3 3nd the child tr3veled over st3te line to Kelso W3shington where they ch3nge Cell
phones, We3r 3 wig, 3nd ch3nge color of h3ir, Joshu3 sh3ved 3ll of this Police s3id 3re unrel3ted to this murder.
Police then cl3im 3 long story of why Tiff3ny w3s killed however we 3sk you to think 3bout the timeline of events th3t took
pl3ce prior to the murder 3s 3 b3sis for 3 new investig3tion.
Tiff3ny 3nd the 3 killers 3ll 3rrived 3t the s3me time yet Police did not review 3ny phone records of Tiff3ny or the 3 killers.
Tiff3ny then w3lks outside to meet them 3nd 3g3in Police did not review Texts or em3ils of 3nyone.
Tiff3ny w3lked outside to the smoking section 3t 1Y393m
3+ Suspects w3lked outside to meet Tiff3ny 3t 1Y433m
Police did not tell the public th3t 2 or more people h3d been told Tiff3ny w3s going to die th3t night, the B3rtender J3mes
Nul3nd s3id to Police Tiff3ny 3rived 3t 1Y003m 3nd she w3s crying 3nd upset he provided Police with her words,
“she s3id it might be the end of her life 3nd she did not know wh3t w3s going to h3ppen to her”
“they 3re going to kill me 3nyw3ys”
J3mes the B3rtender s3id 3fter th3t she w3lked 3w3y 3nd he did not see her 3g3in.
The timeline of this c3se is import3nt 3nd worth repe3ting
1Y003m Tiff3ny 3rrives 3t F3lcos-Mystic
1Y203m she told B3rtender “My life is over” 3nd “they 3re going to kill me”
1Y393m Tiff3ny w3lks outside to meet 3+ killers whom m3gic3lly h3ve 3 gun with seri3l
3re re3dy to use it in the next 45 minutes.
1Y433m the CCTV shows 3+? Killers meeting Tiff3ny
2Y113m they t3ke Tiff3ny from the b3r by telling her “We 3re t3king you to your hotel” yet
killers with Kidn3pping? Why not?
numbers removed 3nd
Police did not ch3rge her
After 16 minute drive th3t the suspects cl3imed
“Tiff3ny w3s yelling 3t us”
3nd yelling 3bout wh3t ?
“Shoot me”
Police do not use deductive re3soning in this murder, Tiff3ny whom h3d just reported to the B3rtender th3t,
“her life might be over”
“They 3re going to kill me 3nyw3ys”
The prior knowledge of her pending de3th 3s told by the B3rtender directly 3long with the testimony of D3niel Bruynell
would le3d 3ny re3son3ble person to believe
A - Tiff3ny w3s Kidn3pped under f3lse pretense
“we told her we were t3king Tiff3ny to her hotel room”
B - Tiff3ny provided her words “They 3re going to Kill me 3nyw3ys” just 30 minutes before getting into the s3me c3r used
in her de3th.
C- Tiff3ny w3s yelling 3t them 3bout “Shooting her” even if your willing to believe the suspects the f3ct th3t 3 or more
people took possession of Tiff3ny moved her from one pl3ce to 3nother, the f3ct they 3dmitted they lied to Tiff3ny 3bout
the tr3vel pl3n would m3ke 3nyone in fe3r of future h3rm, so the 3dmitted “She w3s upset 3nd yelling” should not h3ve
been evidence used in the benefit of defense by D3niel Bruynell.
D - The Michelle Worden Brosey,Joshu3 Robinett 3nd D3niel Bruynell; whom took Tiff3ny from the F3lcoʼs-Mystic took her
3t 2Y113m 3nd she w3s de3d 3t 2Y303m the drive time is 16 minutes. Le3ving just 3 minutes to kill Tiff3ny.
E The cl3im m3de by Joshu3 Robinett 3nd Michelle Worden Brosey
“We did not cross st3te line W3shington to Oregon with intent to kill 3nyone”
“We did not know her we met her only minutes before t3king her 3w3y”
“We did not tell her 3bout t3king her to her room therefore we did not kidn3p her”
“She did not scre3m 3nd yell therefor we did not put 3 murder victim in fe3r for her life”
“We did not bring the GUN with us in the c3r with intentions of kill 3nyone”
“We did not know D3niel Bruynell w3s going to shoot Tiff3ny with the gun we provided”
“We did not he3r the gun go off”
“We did not know she w3s de3d so we drove 3w3y not sure why she w3s not in C3r”
“We did not know he killed Tiff3ny”
“We did not t3ke him to the Bus to help him get 3w3y”
“We did not know he took the gun over st3te line to conce3l 3 murder”
“We did not go to Kelso W3shington to hide out 3nd. ch3nge our h3ir color to hide”
“We did not go to Kelso 3nd ch3nge cell phones 3nd numbers to hide f3cts of 3 murder”
“We did not know she w3s de3d until we seen it on the news the next d3y”
“And 3fter Murder, Kidn3pping, torture, conspir3cy to commit murder, removing seri3l numbers with intent to kill, lying to
police, crossing st3te line to commit murder,
All of th3t 3nd they got 13 months in j3il..
Police cl3im th3t Tiff3ny met the 3 suspects for the first time 3s shown on the CCTV c3mer3ʼs 3t the Mystic- F3lcoʼs b3r
Tiff3ny 3nd Michelle
“Shook h3nds 3s if meeting for the first time”
P3ges 13-132 “See notes version by John C3pt3in for more f3cts”
P3rt 1 Police interview October 14th 3nd 15th of D3niel Bruynell in O3kl3nd C3liforni3
P3ges 133 to 190 P3rt 2
D3niel Bruynell interview October 14th 15th 2013
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