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Elements of a Story Slides Plot Elements

Short Story
What parts make
up a story?
Story Terms
●Point of View
Plot is what happens and how it happens in
a narrative. A narrative is any work that
tells a story, such as a short story, a
novel, a drama, or a narrative poem.
Parts of a Plot
●Exposition – event that gives rise to conflict
(opening situation)
●Rising Action- events that complicate or
intensify the central conflict (rising action)
●Climax- highest point of interest or
emotional involvement in the story
●Falling Action- logical result of Climax
●Resolution- Final outcome of the story
●Conflict is a struggle between opposing forces
●Every plot must contain some kind of conflict
●Stories can have more than one conflict
●Conflicts can be external or internal
a.External conflict- outside force may be
person, group, animal, nature, or a nonhuman
b.Internal conflict- takes place in a character’s
Diagram of Plot
Climax (often called the “Turning Point)
Rising Action
Falling Action
Special Techniques of Plot
● Suspense- excitement or tension
● Foreshadowing- hint or clue about what will
happen in story
● Flashback- interrupts the normal sequence
of events to tell about something that
happened in the past
● Surprise Ending- conclusion that reader
does not expect (use of irony)