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Newton Law Project (Physics Assessment as Learning)

Newton’s Laws of Motion Project
For this you and your group will become the teacher, and so must pick, find,
create or explain an activity, event, phenomenon, etc, that demonstrates all Three
of Newton’s Laws of motion. (EX – Newton’s Laws applied to Bowling). In
order to do this, you must first learn the three laws. You will be required to fully
explain the laws and apply them to an activity (demonstration) to the class. All
three laws must also be applied to one event (Snapshot in time). Some items that
your project must have are:
 You may only have up to three people max per group.
o Each Person must play an equal part
 No group can repeat an idea or topic from another group.
o All ideas are to be submitted to me prior to the presentation.
 You must present your project on the day it is due, No exceptions or
o Its due _______________
 You must have a visual aid.
o Photo Story, Power Point, Poster Board, Advanced Board
Diagrams etc.
 You must present your idea to the class in the form of a mini lesson,
presentation, Song, Play, or ?????
o It should be around 5 minutes long.
o You must have
 Some form of demonstration or quick activity to get your
ideas across.
 Visual Aids
o And must include
 Newton’s Three Laws fully described
 Your Topic with the Laws applied to it.
 You are required to turn in a typed paper with this thoroughly
explaining Newton’s three laws along with examples. Each person
must have their own individual paper.
 The presentation must be outstanding and earth
 The more original, novel, or exceptional the better you can do.
 Effort and Correct information are key parts in getting a good grade.