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Ch 22 Assignment

Assignment on Chap 22, DUE Monday November, 5 2018.
1. Consider the structures below to answer the following question(s).
a. Indicate the most acidic hydrogens in each of the molecules
b. Rank the molecules above in order of increasing acidity (least acidic to most acidic).
2. Consider the reaction below to answer the following question(s).
The strongest base in the reaction is:
The weakest acid in the reaction is:
3. Give the major organic product(s) of each of the following reactions or sequences of reactions.
Diethyl malonate can be prepared by the following reaction sequence. Draw the structures of
each of the missing intermediates in the boxes provided.
5. How would you prepare each of the following compounds using either an acetoacetic ester
synthesis or a malonic ester synthesis? Show all intermediate structures and all reagents
6. Show how you would accomplish each of the following transformations. More than one step may
be required. Show all reagents and all intermediate structures.